English Shepherds

Damato’s English Shepherds a cross from Middle Tree Farms and Green Mountain English Shepherds.

Welcome to our page. After many years trying to find the right Sire and Dam we have our first litter. We are located in a rural area in Middlesex, Virginia.

Litter of puppies is located in Virginia. Our puppies get a lot of Socialization beginning on day one with Neuro Stimulation and exposure to different sounds and textures as they get older and are able with the proper immunizations they begin being socialized with people, children, other dogs and animals. Sire and dam good hips, breed specific DNA done. Both are working dogs.

We live in a rural area where they are exposed to horses, cows, chickens, peacocks, and Geni hens. We also live near a firing range, and a fire station which also give them socialization to those sounds.

We have spent over 4 years trying to find the right Sire and Dam for our breeding and our lines. Our puppies have a variety of temperaments that are good for Family Homes, Farms, and Sports. They are all temperament tested to go to the right family.

Please see Sire and Dam link for their info and pedigree and available puppies.